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A business owner is a busy individual whose valuable time is spread thin over many responsibilities. Between earning new clients and supporting your staff, there’s not a excess of time left over to sit at your desk and think about your books, financial projections, and reports.  Some businesses are lucky enough to count financial managers as a part of their employees, but for many small business owners the expense of paying for full-time financial personnel isn’t realistic. At G. Resource Partners, our CPAs are financial experts who help guide your business with CFO services in Watkinsville, Athens, and all over Northeast Georgia. Getting CFO assistance is a realistic and effective way for your small business to get the financial leadership it needs. 

What Does a CFO Do?

A CFO or Chief Financial Officer is a company’s financial compass and helps manage accounting staff, as well as make big decisions about what moves your business should make next. They serve in a leadership role to help a business grow and continue to be profitable.  By enlisting the help of our CFO, your business gets access to:

• Budget creation
• Implementation of a tax strategy that lowers liability
• Management of cash flow
• Review of internal controls
• Financial project management
• Advice on and analysis of financial information

Most small businesses reach a point where they need the sound financial advice of a trained and experienced financial and tax professional, but may not have the resources to employ one full time. Our Watkinville CFO services are designed to help you meet your business’ financial needs, without breaking the bank.

Choosing a CPA to Act as Your CFO

At Resource Partners, we are experienced financial experts with a strong team of trained and certified public accountants who pool their knowledge to best serve small business clients.  With over 30 years of experience in providing CFO services, we are well-equipped to advise business owners and help them get a handle on their internal processes, as well as their tax strategy, to increase profit and organize their incomes and expenses.

Get a CFO for Your Small Business – Contact Us!

Just because your business is a start-up or cannot afford a full-time financial manager doesn’t mean you have to go without CFO leadership. To learn more about outsourced CFO services in Athens, Watkinsville and greater Northeast Georgia contact the office of Resource Partners today to set up your initial consultation.

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